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Our Mission

We empower you with the insights you need to win your market. SimilarWeb gives you global multi-device market intelligence to understand, track and grow your digital market share.

Our Company

We are a team of over 500people,

with offices in 4 continents,

在线视频backed by leading investors,

who supported us with over$112Mdollars

We analyze

3M mobile apps

80M websites

and our data is broken down into

240 categories

60 countries

We do it 24 hours a day,

7 days a week, to support

our thousands of clients

ranging from small businesses to global enterprises

Our History

  • 2016
  • Team reached 300 people August, 2016在线视频

  • Chosen as top private high tech company to work for in Israel 2016 July, 2016

  • 2015
  • Awarded 2nd most promising startup in Israel for 2015 October, 2015

  • Team reached 200 people July, 2015

  • Opened our US office February, 2015在线视频

  • 2014
  • Team reached 100 people December, 2014在线视频

  • 4th round of fundraising November, 2014

  • Launched browser extension November, 2014在线视频

  • reached over 10 million visitors October, 2014在线视频

  • 3rd round of fundraising February, 2014在线视频

  • Released SimilarWeb PRO for mobile apps January, 2014在线视频

  • 2013
  • passed the 1 million visits mark November, 2013在线视频

  • Opened our UK office October, 2013

  • Or Offer's (our CEO) first interview on CNN September, 2013在线视频

  • Launched SimilarWeb API August, 2013在线视频

  • Released SimilarWeb PRO June, 2013在线视频

  • Launched as a web measurement company January, 2013在线视频

  • 2011
  • Started developing technology for analyzing the digital world January, 2011

  • 2009
  • Launched our first web property, and we entered our 1st round of fundraising June, 2009

  • Raised money for the first time from Yossi Vardi & Founding the company February, 2009

  • Won the first Israeli Seedcamp January, 2009

  • 2007
  • The company started (from our garage) August, 2007

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