Prime Day 2019 – Christmas in July?

Prime Day 2019 – Christmas in July?

Liat Piazza

Liat Piazza

Investor Intel. Content Manager at SimilarWeb

With the fifth annual Prime Day in the books, SimilarWeb evaluated the traffic to and other large retailers in the US compared to previous Prime Days and other major shopping holidays Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We further explored the effectiveness of this traffic through conversion rates and you can read more about this in our second blog post of this Prime Day series.

Overall traffic

Traffic to on Prime Day 2019 declined by -1.5% YOY, capturing just shy of 180M visitors in total over the two-day holiday.

The minor decline in traffic to the site was more than off-set by a 51% YOY increase in daily active users on the Amazon mobile app over the 48 hours of Prime day 2019.

在线视频Although Prime Day is an Amazon event it continues to have a “halo effect” on traffic to some of the US’ largest retailers’ sites including, and, which all experienced peaks in traffic on Prime Day 2019.

Prime Day vs Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

在线视频Comparing Prime Day to the two other major shopping events of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we see that Prime Day 2019’s 48 hour window generated 68% and 61% more traffic to than Cyber Monday 2018 and Black Friday 2018 respectively. However, Prime day lasts for 48 hours whilst both Black Friday and Cyber Monday only last for 24 hours each. With that in mind, when combining traffic to on Black Friday 2018 and Cyber Monday 2018, the site experienced 22% more visitors than Prime Day 2019.

Traffic Channels

Despite Prime Day specifically targeting Amazon Prime members, the average percentage of direct traffic to for Prime Day 2019 and 2018 was only slightly higher, 4%, than the average direct traffic to the site over the last 12 months. The percentage of traffic to from social media and referrals on Prime Day 2019 experienced the biggest jump from the average over the past 12 months, increasing 22% and 19% respectively. The jump is primarily driven by deal sharing where publications, advertisements and some organic ‘word of mouth’ inform consumers about the best deals on Prime Day. The percentage of traffic to from organic search actually shows a drop of 26% on Prime Day 2019, as it appears consumers do not use Google to discover trending deals.


在线视频So Prime Day 2019 drove less traffic to than Prime Day 2018 but that is likely due to a shift in user preference for apps – further demonstrated by a 51% YOY increase in amazon’s app’s daily active users on Prime Day 2019.

In addition, Prime Day also does a good job at getting people in the mood to shop and increasing traffic to other retailers’ sites. However shoppers are not using Google to discover deals, displayed by a decrease in traffic to from organic search on both Prime Day 2018 and 2019 compared to the average.

But with all this increase in traffic, are shoppers actually buying more? Find out in our second blog post在线视频 of this series where we explore conversion rates related to Prime Day.

Liat Piazza

Liat Piazza

在线视频 Investor Intel. Content Manager at SimilarWeb

在线视频 Liat is the content marketing manager for SimilarWeb's Investor Solution. Passionate about the value digital data can bring investors, Liat is responsible for creating data-driven content on the digital performance of companies in a number of sectors. Outside of the office you can find Liat running along the beach of Tel Aviv, playing netball, travelling and spending time with her family.

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