Singles’ Day 2019: A Global Perspective


Singles’ Day 2019: A Global Perspective

Liron Hakim Bobrov

Liron Hakim Bobrov

在线视频 Marketing Insights Manager at SimilarWeb

Kicking off the shopping months, ahead of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Christmas Shopping Season, comes China’s shopping holiday – Singles’ Day (locally known as Double Eleven). This shopping holiday, inspired by a history of in China, and influenced by Amazon’s Prime Day, has spread beyond the scope of China to the rest of the world.

This post, follows up on our reporting last year and looks at Singles’ Day on a global scope. We will review year-over-year trends, and look into which countries and international retailers were most affected by the sales.


在线视频This year, November 11th occurred on a Monday, but given the time difference between the core market for Singles’ Day (China) and our measurement timezone, we took a look at site traffic on Nov 10-11, and compared to the average traffic on the same weekdays in the weeks preceding the sale. Comparing global traffic to the top 100 shopping sites in the world, we saw an increase of 16.5% on these two shopping days, compared to the established baseline average. was the undeniable champion of the shopping holiday, seeing a 91.8% increase in site traffic over the two days, it was responsible for 21% of the total growth for the top 100 sites. Additional significant contributors are and – each more than doubling their traffic. While only increasing traffic by 27%,‘s growth was also significant, as it contributed to 7% of the total growth.

在线视频Despite dominating shopping traffic most of the year, we didn’t expect to find Amazon as a significant contributor to Singles’ Day traffic bumps. To our surprise, saw a 6.7% increase in its Sunday-Monday traffic, which was 6% of the total traffic increase on these days. While it may be argued that’s growth was related to the start of the shopping season and not Singles’ Day, we examined its growth during the first days of November, and found that this particular day had more dramatic growth than the rest, which leads to the assumption that this was related to the shopping holiday.

Singles’ Day 2019 vs 2018

The next question is how did this holiday fare in relation to last year?

For this, we looked at the top contributors to growth, and compared their performance over that of last year. We didn’t use overall traffic to the top 100 sites, as not all sites were participating in Singles’ Day sales.

The above graph illustrates dramatic shifts in the shopping landscape over last year. Most notably, almost all sites saw traffic decrease YoY, with only,, shopee (multiple properties) and newcomer seeing traffic increase over last year., and saw significant decreases in traffic over the 2018 holiday.

Digging deeper into the days making up the sale can show us where each site is putting more efforts. An increase on November 10th indicates an increased focus in the Chinese (and other Southeast Asian) markets, while an increase on the 11th indicates an increased interest in the Western hemisphere. What we found was that any growth occurring in the set, was related to November 11th, and not the 10th – highlighting a shifting focus into Western markets. Most notably, saw Nov. 10th traffic steady YoY, and all traffic increase stemming from the 11th.

A Focus on the West

Established above, the world outside of China and Southeast Asia is where sites were focused on this year. To understand which countries were most active on Double Eleven, we reviewed traffic from a list of countries outside of SE Asia.

Russia is the country most active on these shopping platforms (primarily Aliexpress), and was also the country with the most dramatic traffic increase – up 163% on this holiday: an additional 7.2M visits, in one day. Another significantly influenced country – Poland, saw traffic rise by 273%, and France, with a 191% increase in daily traffic. This dramatic growth went mostly to Alibaba properties ( and, as well as

Reviewing traffic year-over-year reveals that the international focus has paid off, as most of the top countries see significant growth on this shopping holiday over last. Russia, India, the United States and Brazil each saw sale traffic increase by 11%-14% over last year, while France and Poland saw a 35% and 27% respective growth in sale-day traffic.

Other Winners of Singles’ Day

在线视频Just like Prime Day eventually ventured beyond the walls of, so did Singles’ Day venture beyond the scope of Chinese retailers. This year, we saw a significant shift in how international retailers handle this shopping holiday.

We looked at the top global retailers in the marketplace, apparel and consumer electronics categories, and analyzed the traffic coming into those sites on Singles’ Day, compared to the average for the three Mondays preceding it. To find “other” shopping winners, we filtered out sites originating in Southeast Asia and China. We also removed sites which saw an increase in traffic throughout the first days of November, to filter out those enjoying seasonal traffic increases, unrelated to Singles’ Day. Below are the sites we found to have traffic increases related to Singles’ Day:

Two sites display significant growth, hinting at how shopping giants are pushing this holiday beyond the local markets. Popular Turkish fashion site,, which received a significant in August 2018, saw traffic increase by 216% on Singles’ Day. On the other hand, Amazon-owned souq.com在线视频 (dubbed “the Amazon of the Arab world”), got a 116% increase in traffic on this day.

Liron Hakim Bobrov

Liron Hakim Bobrov

Marketing Insights Manager at SimilarWeb

在线视频 Liron is a Marketing Insights Manager at SimilarWeb. A passionate data-driven team member, Liron has been using her expertise to provide clients' industry insights for over 5 years, 3 of which she has spent at SimilarWeb. She has an MBA from Tel Aviv University. Her specialties include content management, data analysis and uncovering strategic industry insights.

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