Slack is Slacking Behind Microsoft Teams

Slack is Slacking Behind Microsoft Teams

Liat Piazza

Liat Piazza

在线视频 Investor Intel. Content Manager at SimilarWeb

在线视频Slack’s stock has been suffering following the , compared to the 12 million users that Slack reported in September. We have explored some insights behind Slack’s and Microsoft Teams’ digital performance:

  • Microsoft Teams has overtaken Slack in the number of monthly Android app downloads globally
  • YOY growth in Android app downloads for Microsoft Teams is significantly higher than for Slack
  • Microsoft Teams is growing in popularity India

Android App Downloads

在线视频The Microsoft Teams Android app has overtaken the Slack Android app in the number of downloads globally. Between January and October 2019, the Microsoft Teams Android app was downloaded 9.4M times whilst the Slack Android app was downloaded 8.6M times.

In addition downloads of Microsoft Teams’ Android app is growing at a faster rate QOQ than Slack’s. In Q3 2019 The Microsoft Teams app experienced a 66.9% QOQ growth whilst the Slack app experienced a 23.9% QOQ growth.

International Expansion

Microsoft Teams continues to be downloaded the most in the US, with 747,000 downloads in Q3 2019. However the service is increasing in popularity in India, seen by 372,000 downloads in Q3 2019 representing a 91% YOY growth.

In Conclusion

在线视频In addition to having almost double the number of users as Slack, Microsoft Teams is also growing at a faster rate.

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Liat Piazza

Liat Piazza

Investor Intel. Content Manager at SimilarWeb

Liat is the content marketing manager for SimilarWeb's Investor Solution. Passionate about the value digital data can bring investors, Liat is responsible for creating data-driven content on the digital performance of companies in a number of sectors. Outside of the office you can find Liat running along the beach of Tel Aviv, playing netball, travelling and spending time with her family.

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