Clean Rugs, Sleek Luggage, Air Quality Testers, and More. Here Are This Quarter’s Top 25 D2C Brands

Clean Rugs, Sleek Luggage, Air Quality Testers, and More. Here Are This Quarter’s Top 25 D2C Brands

Jamie Drayton

Jamie Drayton

Head of Financial Services at SimilarWeb

在线视频This blog post is part of our series that highlights the rise of modern and innovative brands that sell their products directly to consumers through a combination of hyper-personalization and adaptive marketing strategies.

The newcomers to our list include companies active in travel, appliances, personal care, and consumables: Mirror, Kosas Cosmetics, Kaiyo, and Harper Wilder, to mention just a few. Below we look at four examples of sites that showcase their brand presence and promotion efforts through time-sensitive social media, display ads, and paid search.

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1) Got an Itch to Travel? Check Out (or Into)
Away’s Website

Away在线视频, a D2C brand that manufactures and sells smart suitcases, saw the highest growth rate, growing by 173.7% quarter-over-quarter (QoQ), which is remarkable given the fact that it was not even on our top 25 list in Q2.

The marketing strategy driving traffic to suggests an increased emphasis on display ads, coupled with continually growing brand awareness. Shares of traffic coming from display ads and direct increased by a respective 5.2 percentage points and 1.4 percentage points. Together, these channels brought 348.8K new desktop visits, year-over-year (YoY).,, and were the main referral sites to showcase Away’s display ads, indicative of its success in appealing to consumers when they are more deliberate and purposeful in their spending. The shift from advertising on travel and tourism sites to news and media sites is also proving to be rewarding in generating display ad click-throughs for the smart luggage startup.

Away: Here Are SimilarWeb's Top 25 D2C Brands for Q3 2020

2) Worried About Viruses? Awair Will Help You Get Aware of Your Air Quality, the site of Awair在线视频, a famous air quality tracking startup,  experienced significant QoQ growth, at +102.4%, and was also the only Consumer Electronics site to make it on our list for Q3.

在线视频In addition to a +1.1 percentage-point increase in direct traffic, Awair shifted its focus to search and email marketing, growing in traffic share by +4 percentage points and +3.8, respectively. Together, these marketing channels generated additional 20.7K desktop visits.

The leading organic and paid keywords driving traffic to Getawair’s site were branded, which suggests that while more people are organically seeking out the site, the D2C brand is still putting money behind its name to increase consumer purchase intention.

Being a company that monitors air quality is especially relevant these days as more people are getting back to work and adapting to the “new normal” despite the pandemic still posing a significant risk.

Awair: Here Are SimilarWeb's Top 25 D2C Brands for Q3 2020

3) Take Your Passion for Hemp-Based Products to
New Heights With Prima

With COVID-19 still top of mind, the Health/Wellness sector has continued to experience dramatic growth in recent months. Prima在线视频, a little-known, hemp-based wellness brand, was the top site in this category, increasing traffic by +100.1%, QoQ.

Similar to the trend seen with Awair, gained a large share of its new following through a strong content and SEO strategy, with organic search responsible for more visits than direct.

在线视频In addition to branded keywords, such as ‘prima’ and ‘prima cbd,’ the high-profile D2C healthcare company is focusing its content efforts on conversations around pages and FAQs that address the health benefits of cannabis, with the top non-branded keywords being ‘cannabis marijuana difference,’ ‘can you put cbd oil on skin,’ and ‘cbd tincture vs oil.’

Prima: Here Are SimilarWeb's Top 25 D2C Brands for Q3 2020

4) Ruggable Is on a Rug ’n’ Roll Mission to Kill
Household Germs

Ruggable is an example of a brand that went slightly against the grain in its marketing source breakdown. Over the past quarter, ruggable.com在线视频 increased its overall traffic by 70%.

By investing in social media (accounting for 17% traffic share in Q3), this machine-washable rug maker has successfully grown its search intent and brand recognition through an emphasis on visual advertising. This is further represented in its +1.2 percentage points increase in display ad traffic.

在线视频Combining these two traffic sources likely contributed to the +5.8 percentage point increase in direct site traffic, generating an additional 393.2K desktop visits to the site.

Facebook accounted for the highest share of social traffic at 50.9% and was followed by other popular social networks: Pinterest (36.1%), YouTube (10.9%), Reddit (0.8%), and Twitter (0.8%). Apartment Therapy was the most prominent display ad publisher, implying a very targeted approach at going after consumers interested in decorating their spaces.

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This blog post was written with the help of Ilana Marks and Daniel Schneider.

Jamie Drayton

Jamie Drayton

在线视频 Head of Financial Services at SimilarWeb

在线视频 Jamie Drayton is Lead Financial Services and Retail Consultant at SimilarWeb. He has a background in eCommerce consulting services for business development and growth. He covers emerging consumer trends in eCommerce, finance, and more.

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