5 Affiliate Marketing Secrets Revealed

5 Affiliate Marketing Secrets Revealed

Sarah Mehlman

Sarah Mehlman

Marketing Intel. Content Manager , SimilarWeb

We can all agree that affiliate marketing has the potential to drive massive amounts of traffic to websites. In today’s digital world, referrals, recommendations and endorsements are wildly powerful. The problem that most organizations encounter is they don’t know how to make the most of their affiliate marketing program and, therefore, don’t see the results they were hoping for. The most important thing to keep in mind is your affiliates success is your success so you have to work as a team and trust them. 

Although there are many different ways to structure your affiliate program, as well as multiple strategies you could test, there are five basic affiliate marketing secrets that are the building blocks of success. 

Secret 1: Diversify Your Affiliates

 Your affiliates should each have one main channel that they focus on, so partner with affiliates from multiple marketing platforms. Think about it like this: you should have a wide variety of affiliate partners and your affiliates should be able to dig deep and take advantage of the depth of the channel they’re on. What does that mean? That means you should reach out and recruit a diverse range of partners. There are five main types of affiliates you should connect with: influencers, bloggers, paid search focused microsites, email lists, and large websites. Within each of those categories, there are subcategories as well, so be sure to find focused, niche affiliates. Niche affiliates are masters at driving traffic and engagement because they know all the nuances of the platform they work on.

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Secret 2: Content is King

All marketing strategies are interconnected, so you want affiliates with strong content and winning SEO so they can outrank other affiliates. Consider that when reaching out to partners, but also work to help your existing affiliates because the stronger their website, the more traffic they’ll win. If they win, you win. Another point to keep in mind is that having strong affiliates can elevate your content as well since it’s hard to get content ‘right’. Investing in affiliates means you will have more content experts at your disposal so you will have to take fewer risks, can see quicker results and gain visibility on sites that have proven to have strong SEO.

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Secret 3: Find Affiliates that Own Their Audience

Jumping off the previous tip, search engines like Google often change their algorithms, which means partnering with affiliates that engage their audience and create a loyal following and ultimately drive consistent, high-quality traffic to your website. By owning their audience they will keep their core visitors, despite any changes in search engine algorithms or SEO trends. A great example of a site that owns its audience is Buzzfeed – The site has such a strong reputation and readers that crave its content that it knows visitors will keep coming back for more. It’s crucial that you fully trust your affiliates to act as the expert. If you attempt to dictate their content, their audience will sense it, feel it’s fake, and fail to convert.

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Secret 4: Learn from Your Competitors and Your Affiliates

 As simple as it may sound, learning from others is the best way to improve your affiliate marketing. Run competitive research constantly to understand who your competition partners with to better understand the landscape. Seeing which affiliates drive traffic to your competition will allow you to decide which of your existing partnerships you want to strengthen as well as to discover new potential affiliate partners. You can also learn from your top affiliates. If one of your affiliates is outperforming the others by far, it’s a sign that you should dig into what they are doing differently. You may learn you need to focus on whatever platform they target, or you may uncover tips that you can provide to your other affiliates to help them be more successful. 

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Secret 5: Everyone Loves a Deal 

Once you’ve found high-quality affiliates to partner with, help them succeed by providing them the opportunity to offer special deals. Work with them to understand what type of promotions work best for their audience and partner to create relevant deals. 

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Your Program is Only as Strong as Your Weakest Affiliate

If you want your affiliate program to succeed and reach its full potential then you have to remember your affiliates are on your team. It’s your job to help them, because ultimately if they win traffic, you win traffic. A major mistake that many marketers make is treating their affiliate program as a ‘nice-to-have’ rather than as a crucial component in their marketing strategy. Just like with any marketing effort, if you don’t constantly analyze, optimize, and iterate – you can’t expect your website to thrive.

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Sarah Mehlman

Sarah Mehlman

在线视频 Marketing Intel. Content Manager , SimilarWeb

Sarah has been working in content marketing since 2015. She has a background in marketing management and a B.A. in Psychology from Clark University. Since joining SimilarWeb, Sarah has been creating content for the Marketing Intelligence solution, and covers a range of topics such as marketing strategies and online traffic trends aimed at helping marketers to build and optimize their organic and paid campaigns. Besides creating content, Sarah is passionate about reading, travelling, and enjoys time with her family.

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