Market Intelligence Summit 2019

CodeNode, 10 South Pl, London EC2M 7EB, UK

September 3 2019

Market Intelligence is the key to understanding today’s business world you want to be a best in class digital decision maker, you cannot afford to miss the definitive networking and learning conference: Market Intelligence Summit. This half day event, from 11:30-18:30, will deep dive into how leaders in Sales and Marketing are using data to drive better business outcomes.

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2019 Speakers

More speakers to be announced!

Mark Blutstein
Research Analyst

Greg Brocklehurst
Solution Manager, Sales Solution SimilarWeb

Stephanie Cloud
Director of Online Sales and Partner Marketing

Natasha Evans
Manager, EMEA Customer Success

Carrie Lazorchak
Chief Revenue Officer

Dylan Mouratsing
Global Head of Audience Planning

Alex Panayotou
Executive & Personal Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Author/Writer

Hannah Rowlatt
Sales Manager, EU

Stefanie Vollmer
Marketing Finance Manager

Anna-Lee Bridgstock
Digital Performance Director

Abigail Brodie
Vice President, Ecommerce Sales

Pascal Cohen
Head of Solution Engineering & Implementation Services, NA SimilarWeb

Sam Fenton-Elstone

Stephen Lepitak

Or Offer
CEO and Founder

Giles Peddy
EMEA Senior Vice President, Corporate Development

Tomas Seliokas
Solution Consultant