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We’re constantly searching for fresh perspectives and topics that will speak to our audience. If accepted, your words of wisdom and experience will be featured on our blog and be spotlighted in social media posts, as well as in our weekly newsletters.
There is always potential for ongoing collaboration and opportunities, so share your ideas, tips, and expertise!

SimilarWeb-focused themes

Posts should be written with our audience in mind.
We’re currently accepting topics on: New marketing strategies in 2020, New marketing trends in 2020, SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, and Paid Campaign Optimization.

Unbiased content

No overly self-promotional posts will be accepted. No CTAs to advocate downloads, sign ups, free trials, etc. to any writer or company.

Quality and on-topic writing

Blog post aligns with the proposed subject matter and is easy to read and follow.

Unique voice and perspective

Offer original standpoints and interesting insight.


If including data (percentages, absolute numbers, etc.) you must reference an external source.
Insert at least 2 external links in the blog post to support external examples.

Provide reliable and relevant use cases

Include noteworthy examples to make your points clear. Can use your own company as a use case, but only if it is beneficial and adds value .

Clear examples

Every point and example needs to be fully explained and supported.

Innovative Title

Create three title options — creativity is a must!

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