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We Have a Unique Approach to Measuring the Digital World

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The SimilarWeb Approach

在线视频SimilarWeb’s Market Intelligence is derived from a complex blend of non-intrusive digital signals that include crawling, first-party direct measurement, external partners and anonymous behavioral data from our contributory network.

Over the past 10 years, SimilarWeb developed a unique way to understand the digital world. Our approach to data is guided by the principle of “methodological pluralism” – a tenet in the philosophy of science that all methodologies have strengths and weakness, and the best approach to “triangulating the truth” is to use multiple algorithms and data sources, with the goal of merging their strengths and canceling their weaknesses.
在线视频 This unique, multidimensional data collection approach is the foundation of our entire business.

Our Methodology

在线视频We have invested heavily in hundreds of diverse data sources and types – a core strength and differentiator for our offerings. Our unique and unrivaled approach to data methodology is grounded in full redundancy of these data and proprietary algorithms that ensure the stability of our market estimations.

We leverage hundreds of sources which we categorize into 4 distinct groups:

在线视频1) First-Party Direct Measurement: Websites and Mobile Apps owners share their first-party data with SimilarWeb directly.

2) Partnerships: Data from partners with millions of subscribers that represent the largest number of external providers of anyone in the industry.

3) Public Data Sources: Proprietary technology and indexing engines that continually scan public data points.

4) Anonymous Behavioral Data: Anonymous behavioral data from our contributory network aggregated at the site level rather than the individual level, devoid of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Join SimilarShare to become part of our contributory network and help democratize access to accurate and timely Internet traffic data for consumers and businesses everywhere.

Big Data Analytics
Big Data Analysis

Calibration, Prediction Algorithms & Machine Learning

Our team of leading data scientists and mathematicians scientifically aggregate these mixed data sources and types into a single data set at the website or mobile apps level, removing irregularities.

在线视频Our team then runs the aggregated data sources through our advanced machine learning capabilities to generate estimations that are calibrated with direct measurement and our learning set – creating the most powerful digital insights available today.

Delivering Our Insights

在线视频We bring the data to life through data visualization. This is critical for delivering SimilarWeb’s market intelligence insights in a way that makes them accessible, digestible and actionable.

在线视频Our customers access SimilarWeb insights via three primary means: SimilarWeb PRO, SimilarWeb Digital Insights, and SimilarWeb API, which are designed by experts to get you the right insights at the right time to help you win your market.

Website Traffic Insights