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Discover Which Brands Are Performing the Best on Amazon

Out of the dozens of product categories on Amazon’s marketplace, six have seen exceptional growth, in part due to COVID-19. The company is now in a unique position to leverage enhanced consumer interest to drive its subscription-based services (e.g., Amazon Prime) and the adoption of house brands, such as AmazonBasics and Amazon Essentials.

Using our unique datasets, we’ve analyzed the key product categories on Amazon to help retailers, brands, and affiliates develop an effective eCommerce strategy.

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Traffic Trends and Conversion Rates for the Most Popular Categories and Brands 

In recent years, Amazon has dramatically expanded its line of private label products available on its website. As of May 2020, the e-commerce giant offers over 22 thousand products from 111 of its own brands – which is more than triple the number of products it offered in June 2018.

The underlying reality is that today’s consumers are increasingly price-sensitive, with many shifting away from well-established and upstart brands. SunTrust Robinson Humphrey, an equity research firm, predicts that Amazon’s private-label business will bring in more than , or 7% of overall revenue.

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