Digital Intelligence to Power Better Decision Making

A map of the digital world that enables clients to instantly identify key competitors, establish historically accurate trends and benchmark performance against the best-in-class

Make Strategic Decisions Based on Deep Market and Competitive Analytics

Market Mapping & Benchmarking

在线视频Identify and benchmark the key players in a competitive set; Evaluate the emerging or declining performers; Determine industry trends and strategies that can be replicated

Channel Acquisition

在线视频Evaluate the effectiveness of how competitors are acquiring customers; Determine the channels and approaches that can be most efficiently leveraged

Customer Behavior

Determine the demographic makeup of the customer base relative to competition; Identify the sites consumers are visiting and the content they find most engaging

Funnel Optimization

Compare the conversion rate to competitors and identify improvement areas along the purchase funnel; Determine the opportunity loss the client is facing to competitors

Delivering Insights Throughout the Consumer Journey


Consumer becomes aware of a brand, product or service


Consumer considers potential websites from which to buy


在线视频Consumer evaluates product and potential purchase channel


Consumer selects what they are going to buy and from where


在线视频Consumer experience influences the chance of further purchases

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