Market Intelligence for the Retail Industry

在线视频Attract high intent users from every channel and understand consumers behavior on every walled-garden marketplace


Optimize Your Marketing Mix

Find growth opportunities across SEO, PPC, affiliate, content and display.

Optimize Your Conversion Funnel

在线视频View purchase metrics, like conversion rate and converted visits, to find the best-converting channels for any retailer.

Benchmark Your Performance

Identify which of your metrics can be improved to monitor and grow your market share.

Gain Visibility Inside the Walled Garden

Understand which products, brands and categories perform best on Amazon and other marketplaces to invest wisely.

Target the Right Keywords

Invest in the best-performing keywords to drive high-intent consumers to your site and shift demand from the competition.

Boost Your Affiliate Partnerships

在线视频Drive high-quality traffic to your site by identifying which affiliates and partners drive high-converting consumers to the competition.

Stay On Top of Market Demand

Discover which events fuel purchases and which products, categories and brands are in high demand.

Identify Competitive Threats

Discover which other sites your audience visits; find new and similar sites based on industry, audience, keywords and content.

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