Success story Used SimilarWeb to Increase Referral Traffic by Over 25% in Two Years

About is a multilingual financial platform that aims to make international financial markets available to everyone, anywhere. It is currently available in over 25 languages for desktop, mobile, and apps, providing real-time information about stocks, indices, commodities, currencies, bonds, Crypto, and ETFs.

Challenge: Visibility into the Competitive Landscape & Audience Behavior

Prior to using SimilarWeb, the team at knew very little about its competitors. They found it challenging to get reliable competitive intelligence for direct and indirect competitors, understand the competitive landscape, and lacked insight into where their potential users were spending time online.

Thanks to the granular metrics provided by SimilarWeb, the team was able to gain a better understanding of competitor subdomains, popular sections, target keywords, top pages, and referral traffic sources, as well as relevant social media influencers. That is in addition to improving their knowledge of who their target audience is and how they behave online


SimilarWeb is an unparalleled tool used regularly by the teams to find new sources of traffic and optimize existing referral partnerships, leading to an increase of over 25% in referral traffic in the past two years.

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